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14th-Mar-2009 02:36 pm(no subject)
is there still anyone here?
1st-Jan-2008 08:44 am(no subject)
here's to a sara free 2008 and 2009 and beyond CSI.

and really... some action on here would be nice or why keep this site up?
My favorite event from season 8 is Sara riding away in the taxi--off in the sunset into the lap of her mother.  As far as I'm concerned she can stay there!
6th-Nov-2007 01:16 pm - TV GUIDE
next week's TVGUIDE (according to SMOKEY) has FIVE FAVORITE SARA SCENES...

so here are mine

1. Sara leaving Las Vegas
2. Sara realizing in BUTTERFLIED gil wasn't coming for her
3. Sara getting dumped by Hank
4. Sara looking like an idiot when drunk and Gil picking her upp to take her home
5. Sara leaving the world
19th-Oct-2007 11:50 am(no subject)
can you believe that )@#$*)@#* crap last night?
at least we did not have to see lip lock. i'm sure (i gope) william ate alot of raw onions garlic and raw hamburger before filming that screaming scene.

she said yes like a teen ager. oh wait that's right...CSI is the new teen soap opera.

can't you just SEE the wedding at the circus circus hotel. the minister in a clown outfit. sara dressed up in PRESSED jeans and a clean shirt. maybe she finally shaved. gil will be in a sweat suit. bruno will be anchored to the ground to prevent him snapping at the stick.

the minister will say "anyone object? PLEASE !!! anyone!"

the door will open to a cracking whip and a jar with a pig being thrown thru the door at grissom.

not one CSI shows up. wonder why.
25th-Sep-2007 07:57 am - TV GUIDE
oh lordie NOT again!

throw next week's TV GUIDE right into the trash. yeah TWO articles and they are interviewing jorja. gag gag gag.

well we KNOW it lives. snaps fingers. but will it stay? gods i hope not.
24th-Sep-2007 08:57 pm(no subject)
[ Meryl ] Crown
I know, it's way close to the premiere and I should have spread these earlier? But oh well, there's only three... I meant to make more but I just wasn't inspired.

1. 2. 3.

Inspiration from Die Die My Darling by Metallica. You can listen to it on Radio Blog, I wish I could share the mp3 with you, but alas, I don't have it.

So yeah... THREE DAYS BEFORE WE KNOW for whom the bell tolls...!
23rd-Sep-2007 09:36 am - Just a few more days
until we see rectanglgar bubbles.

sad we will not be singing "ding dong the bitch is dead" but we will be seeing the screen door hit har ass on the way out.
13th-Sep-2007 10:04 am - New Cast Photos
gods are the made up or what?

it was nice to see the one in the "garage" where there is no sara.

but the VANITY FAIR one....sara waaaaaaaay in the bad looks like a lampost. a skinny lampost.

one can only hope the light bulb is burnt out for good
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